Chevrolet owners near Metro Detroit who fail to properly maintain their vehicle may be faced with impaired performance, decreased dependability and higher long-term operational costs. When it comes to ensuring a vehicle is free of mechanical issue, the state of a vehicle's braking system is of paramount importance. Even minor issues with brakes can lead to a potentially serious safety issue. Drivers would be wise to adhere to the factory-recommended maintenance schedule and to seek out services and repairs from the qualified professionals that can be found within the service department of the dealership.

Understanding the Brake System

A vehicle's brake system is comprised of several major components as well as a number of ancillary parts which may still cause problems should they suffer from a mechanical issue. Major wear items typically include the brake disks, although some model vehicles may still utilize old-style brake drums, and the brake pad. Brake pads are held into place using a caliper and a series of brake cylinders are used are to pressurize hydroponic fluid within the vehicle's brake lines. Failure of any wear or non-wear items may result in decreased performance that could pose a very serious safety hazard.

Operational Lifespan of Major Braking Components

The useful life of a vehicle's braking system can differ tremendously based on factors like part quality, driving habits, number of miles driven and the type of vehicle in question. Brake pads are typically the component with the shortest operational lifespan and may need to be replaced after 20,000 - 75,000 miles, although even the best pads can wear out very quickly under the right circumstances. Periodic inspection and assessment of pads, disks and brake fluid may be needed in order to ensure the system is operating effectively.

Common Signs of a Problem

Brake pads are designed to emit a high-pitched squeal when worn past a certain point in order to alert drivers that it is time to have their brakes services. Other signs of a problem may include lack of resistance from the brake pedal, grinding or other noises that may be audible when the brakes or engaged or a noticeable decrease in brake performance. Ignoring a brake problem or delaying a service appointment any longer than may be absolutely necessary can place driver's and occupants at greater risk as well as increase the likelihood that other parts and components may suffer damages which could lead to higher repair costs.

Seeking Service and Maintenance Solutions From a Chevy Dealership in Detroit

Repair services around Metro Detroit may lack the resources needed to properly service every make and model of vehicle can quickly become a serious liability. Arranging to have brakes serviced, inspected and maintained by the Chevy dealership ensures superior quality results. Dealerships have the training and experience needed to ensure that Chevrolet vehicles are able to be properly maintained and will use only original GM parts and equipment during any repairs. Using only OEM part can eliminate many of the issues problems that may be caused when brake parts are replaced with sub-standard after-market components.

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